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Assistance through our program includes but is not limited to resources that address:

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Mental Health



We understand how hard asking for help can be, that's why we make sure every person we work with feels supported and understood.

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About HLM Recovery

HLM Recovery 180 is a branch of Heartlife Ministries that provides resources in the community for Will/Grundy county in the State of Illinois. We act as a liaison for people or families who require assistance for preventive or immediate help. A large part of the recovery process involves the entire family and while our loved ones our recovering, often we suffer while waiting for them to overcome.

Our primary goal is to provide a healthy network of peers to empower the community to fully recover from the things that have held them back from living in their full purpose and potential.

HLM Recovery

We Work With
Illinois Department of Human Services

The goals of the Illinois R.O.S.C. include:

Building a culture that builds and nurtures recovery, building capacity and infrastructure to support a recovery-oriented system of care.

Developing commitment to implement and sustain a recovery-oriented system of care.

We'll Get You Connected To:

Wealth of recovery program resources

Community Behavioral Health Clinics

Treatment Centers

Rehabilitation Centers

Support Group Therapy

Early intervention Focus Groups

Education and Treatment Programs and workshops

Recover-and-Rise counseling with psychotherapists

Transformation care coordinators

Care that includes Mind, Body and Spirit

Emergency Help

For Emergency Help Please Call; Emergency Hotlines below.

National Suicide Prevention

1-800-273-8255 or
Call 911

National Runaway

1-800-273-8255 or
Call 911

National Domestic Violence

1-800-273-8255 or
Call 911

Mental Health Care


Veterans Crisis

1-800-273-8255 or
Text: 838255

Homeless Services


Illinois Helpline
for Substance Abuse

888-234-6343 or
text HELP to 833234

Request Help

Will County ROSC Resource Map

Grundy County ROSC Resource Map

Upcoming Events

For Emergency Help Please Call; Emergency Hotlines below.

Monthly Meet

Recovery 180 Council Meeting held on
the 4th Tuesday of every Month 11:00am

Hybrid meeting in June and September at the ICan Dream Center
18501 Maple Creek Dr Suite 200, Tinley Park, IL 60477
and Virtual via Zoom every month

E-cigarettes & Vaping: What Parents Should Know Are e-cigarettes less harmful than cigarettes?

There is no FDA oversight of the manufacturing of these products—which means there is no oversight regarding potentially harmful ingredients.

E-cigarettes almost always contain harmful ingredients including nicotine.

Acrolein, a known ingredient of many e-cigarettes, causes irreversible lung damage.

Nicotine exposure during adolescence can harm the developing brain.

The most popular e-cigarette among teens is JUUL

All JUUL pods contain some nicotine—something many youths don't realize.

According to the manufacturer, one JUUL pod may contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

No e-cigarette has been found to be safe and effective by FDA in helping smokers quit.

Does the American Lung Association agree with the Food and Drug Administration that youth use of e-cigarettes has reached an epidemic?

Yes, the American Lung Association agrees that e-cigarette use among youth has reached epidemic levels.

American Lung Association has been asking the FDA to take action on e-cigarettes for a decade.

E-cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco products among youth and have been for several years now.

Many youth don't realize how they are harming their lungs and their brains by using e-cigarettes.

Several years ago, one study estimated there were about 7,700 flavors of e-cigarettes on the market at that time.

How bad is the e-cigarette epidemic?

Most common reasons youth use e-cigarettes

39% Use by "friend or family member"

31% Availability of "flavors such as mint, candy, fruit, or chocolate"

17% Belief that "they are less harmful than other forms of tobacco such as cigarettes"

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We would love nothing more thank for you to join us in our efforts towards recovery support. Sign up now to become a recovery partner and we'll send you an informational packet.

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YOU? GOOD T-Shirt for Mental Health Advocates.

YOU? GOOD T-Shirt for Mental Health Advocates.

Designed exclusively for SoundMinds Mental Health Awareness & Solutions Conference by BKLvisions – a Philly-based Artist/Muralist/Graphic Designer inspired by the Urban Struggle and Culture, the YOU GOOD? T-Shirt is for mental health advocates who are ready to support people in need by listening and connecting them to resources.

We ask, “You good?” because we mean it … not because it’s cute. We want the real answer, so we can give real support and resources.

According to, Mental Health Advocates are heroes — individuals who do not wear capes, but who work tirelessly every day to share their stories and help those who are struggling. They take risks and show their vulnerability by telling their truth in hopes of encouraging someone else. advocates stand up for others who do not have a voice … They remind us that we are not alone in our struggles. They remind us that we are not at fault. They remind us that there is light, healing and hope throughout this journey. They shatter stereotypes and stigma associated with mental illness.

As of November 1, 2023, 20% of each You Good? Tee purchase will go to HLM Recovery 180 – 501(c)(3) charitable organization acts as a liaison for people and families who require assistance for preventive or immediate help in the areas of mental health, substance use disorders, unemployment and unhoused people.

We believe that outreach is the very heartbeat of God, and that by partnering with existing organizations and businesses we combine resources to meet the needs of our community.

HeartLife Ministries has been providing families as well as communities with help designed to strengthen the family. We believe that HLM Recovery 180 is another step in our mission by partnering with existing organizations and businesses that will meet the challenging needs of our community and beyond.

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